Østbanehallen Retail.

Østbanehallen Retail.

Ensuring optimal use of daylight and improving energy efficiency.

Since railway traffic was moved elsewhere, Østbanehallen now houses restaurants, cafes and shops. The main hall was originally built to give the travelers shelter but had to be big enough for steam and smoke from the trains to disperse. In February 2015, following extensive renovations, the 1800s building reopened as a modern food court and shopping haven with the ambition to make people spend time and not just walk through.

Architect : Mellbye Arkitektur Interiør AS

Building Project Management : Aase byggeadministrasjon AS

Technical Engineering : AFRY Norway , AS Norconsult AS

Photographer : Tomasz Majewski

Completion year : 2015

Awards : Østbanehallen won the The Norwegian Lighting Award 2015, The Nordic Lighting Design Award 2016 and received the IALD Award of Merit in 2016.

Lighting design has been a part of the design team to ensure architectonic qualities and the best lighting for all functions in the hall. Østbanehallen, is located at the end of the city’s main shopping street, and contains of different well designed zones creating its own world in miniature. The space is described as a landscape in between interior- and exterior architecture maintaining the feeling of being both outside and inside. Daylight openings and tall trees are making the hall appear light and airy as it opens up like an inside piazza.


The color temperature in the lighting follows the lowering in ceiling height as both long sides of the main hall is enhanced with warm colored light and invites to more intimate spaces in the ground floor of the side buildings. The old classical façades is lit with soft wall washing on the side where restaurants are located creating an inside boulevard. On the opposite side there is a luminous ceiling over the outside entrances to the row of shops. In the center of the hall streets appears around a food court in center, creating places to rest without feeling like being in an open space.

Each shop in Østbanehallen has its own control panel enabling the owners to control the lighting individually. At the end of each day, a centrally controlled lighting scenario takes over to avoid the shops appearing as dark areas in contrast to illuminated ones. The property operator can switch on the lighting in selected shops from one single control system that automatically adapts the lighting to the seasons and time of the day, ensuring the optimal use of daylight and improving energy efficiency.


The way the shops becomes a part of the main hall makes the shopping area more accessible. In-between areas like the lower luminous ceiling outside the row of shops naturally invite people in while still being in the main hall. The holistic approach for the main hall creates a space where people want to meet and spend their time through the all hours of the day.



Thea Collett

Section Manager, Senior Lighting Designer MNL, NO