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We are a diverse group of people, offering a full range of design and technical talent ready to support your needs. We are engaged in the lighting community, a leader in our field, and incredibly proud of the work we create.

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    Aiman Habib
    Senior Lighting Designer, UK

    Alex Is a part of the London office and supports the team in both the conceptual and detailed design stages. With a background in product design, he shows sensitivity for understanding details and tackles projects from a holistic approach. He also has a keen interest in using 3D visualizations as a tool to produce interactive concepts.

    Alexander Mathews
    Lighting Designer, UK

    Alexander has a degree in lighting engineering from Stockholm Institute of Technology. He has a few years of experience in lighting planning for park, square and road projects. He has previous experience of working with electrical engineering.

    Alexander Pettersson
    Lighting Engineer, SE

    Andreas has extensive experience from the lighting industry. He started as an electrician and has worked as a lighting designer for the past 10 years. With his interdisciplinary knowledge, he always finds a way to perform installations efficiently and co-planned without making exceptions in good lighting for the user.

    Andreas Almstedt
    Senior Lighting Designer, SE

    Andreas has long experience of lighting design. His interest in lighting comes from the possibility to work in all scales, solving the little technical detail and shaping the overall ambiance of a space. He started his career in the family company and has since then worked in various companies in both Sweden and UK.

    Andreas Ejhed
    Technical Design Specialist, SE

    Andreas Wiil
    Senior Lighting Designer, SE

    Anita Kobierska is an architect with expertise in lighting planning and lighting design, specifically care-related planning, and assignment responsibility. She has more than 20 years of experience within design work, project management, sketching and investigation, as well as planning of public and care environments.

    Anita Kobierska
    Architect & Senior Lighting Designer, SE

    Antonio Di Tonto
    Senior Designer, UK

    Arve has played a key role in Light Bureau’s projects internationally since he joined the team in 2009. He uses light exceptionally well as a medium of expression and a tool to tell the story of a structure. Arve is actively involved in projects, marketing and the strategic development of the company.

    Arve Olsen
    Design Director, UK

    Benjamin is a devoted system designer that started as a control specialist inn Light Bureau in 2016. He works closely with the, customer, light designers and other consultants to develop the right system for the projects . Benjamin strives to construct systems that are sustainable and intuitive.

    Benjamin Reinhoff
    Electrical Control System Engineer, NO

    Bruna has extensive experience of working with lighting design. In addition to her lighting design degree, she holds a master's degree in architecture and building engineering. Bruna works with both interior and exterior assignments and specializes in architectural lighting design, product development and light art installations.

    Bruna Porsia
    Lighting Designer, SE

    Christina Kamma
    Lighting Designer & Engineer, SE

    Daniel has a background in architecture and hospitality, with an architecture degree from Westminster and a masters in lighting design from KTH. At Light Bureau since 2010, Daniel has gained a wide range of experience working on projects from inception to completion, across a variety of project types and sizes.

    Daniel Hodierne
    Senior Lighting Designer, SE

    Dennis Högås
    Section Manager, Lighting Engineer, SE North East

    Efi holds master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Architectural Lighting Design and has been recognized as ’40under40’ lighting designer in 2023. She works with both interior and exterior lighting projects from concept to construction phase and her expertise lies within urban lighting and large-scale projects.

    Efi Stragali
    LIGHTING ENGINEER & Senior Lighting Designer, SE

    Espen has vast experience as an electrical contractor from a variety of electrical systems, including maintenance of road lighting systems. Espen is structured and efficient. He is solution-oriented, and quickly identifies the core of the problem. Espen is sociable and easy to work with.

    Espen Sæther
    Electrical and lighting technician, NO

    Eszter Horóczi
    Lighting Designer, DK

    Fanny is a devoted lighting designer who aims to create spaces where people thrive. With her wide knowledge and perceptive way of working she takes on many types of projects, including architectural lighting, master plans, light art and product development.

    Fanny Englund
    Group Manager & Senior Lighting Designer, SE

    Franziska Holmsted
    Team Leader, Lighting Designer, DK

    Frederik has extensive experience in lighting design and management from projects of different scales. His main specialty is in custom-made luminaire development and project management. Frederik especially enjoys the encounter of prototypical project runs for a steady professional development.

    Frederik Friederichs
    Group Manager and Senior Lighting Designer, NO

    Frederik is an experienced lighting engineer and designer, working in architectural lighting design. He is recognized as 40under40 - one of the most talented and promising people in the industry. And validated as a professional member of The International Association of Lighting Designers - IALD.

    Frederik Waneck Borello
    Senior Electrical and Lighting Engineer, IALD, DK

    During the 30 years of working with lighting Fredrik has come across several opportunities to explore and learn more about the craft of lighting. With his knowledge and understanding of the possibility to control all kinds of lighting he can help to enhance the final result that the designers and architects are striving to achieve.

    Fredrik Winqvist
    Technical System Specialist, SE

    Frida transforms great ideas into concrete solutions with just the right balance between aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. She is a landscape architect and has worked with large-scale development projects near water, lighting of historic areas and transformed central urban spaces and playgrounds.

    Frida Nordmark
    Senior Lighting Architect, DK

    More than 30 years of experience with technical installations in tunnels, bridges and roads. Especially regarding lighting systems, maintenance, project- and construction management. Experience with implementation of tenders for major repair projects, maintenance, financial management, strategies and supervision.

    Henrik Rohde Nielsen
    Senior Electrical Engineer & Project Manager, DK

    +25 years of experience - Key qualifications includes design, quality assurance, project and crew management, prof. supervision, Occupational Health and Safety coordination all in connection with establishment, renovation, O&M of electrical installation systems, including road lighting and traffic signal systems.

    Henrik Sode
    Project and Quality Manager, Senior Electrical and Lighting Engineer, DK

    Igor is an expert in visualization, lighting calculations, installation, focusing and has extensive experience from both interior and exterior projects. He has the ability to analyze, concretize and process conceptual and design-wise challenges. In addition he has experience of working with programs such as Autodesk and BIM.

    Igor Thomassen
    Lighting Designer, NO

    Jesper is a mathematician and physicist with experience in applied mathematics, analysis, data handling and simulation. He works with computational, design and planning engineering in all manner of projects related to lighting, as well as optics development and technical light measurement.

    Jesper Arbjørn Heebøl
    Lighting Engineer, DK

    Joakim is a lighting designer, project manager, and luminaire designer, who has been working with outdoor lighting since 2011.  Joakim calls his design philosophy “Design with a technical interest”.

    Joakim Rydén
    Lighting Designer & Engineer, SE

    Johannes Møjen
    Lighting Designer, DK

    Kai has 30+ years of experience working with lighting design all over the world. He is a much-appreciated lecturer worldwide and works closely with, among others, KTH in Stockholm to improve education in lighting. Kai's main passion is to use light as a tool to improve the quality of life!

    Kai Piippo
    Head of design, SE

    Katrine has a mission to effectively promote Light Bureau’s brand, people, and services. Katrine is also a trained anthropologist and experienced in applying and involving anthropological insights and qualitative methods for both public and private institutions.

    Katrine Corvinius Lund
    Communication Manager (on maternity leave)

    Kenneth has worked with all areas of light and lighting within the lighting industry since 2002. Kenneth is an experienced Project Manager and Lighting Engineer with a focus on EU-regulation and national lighting regulations. He works primarily with outdoor lighting, tenders, LED-technology, and renovation in municipalities.

    Kenneth Munck
    Senior Lighting Engineer, DK

    Lars has through his 27 years in the lighting industry worked in almost all Light Bureau's expertise areas and has a proven successful track record in sales, leadership, management, marketing, lighting design and engineering. Before coming to Light Bureau Lars worked in the luminaire industry and has therefore valuable insight in the complete value chain. Today he is responsible for our business in Denmark.

    Lars Barthold Hansen
    Country manager, DK

    Lia is a creative and enthusiastic lighting designer with more than 10 years of experience. She was involved in a variety of projects from hospitality to leisure, from landscape to heritage. Lia is fascinated by the power of lighting to modify any environment.

    Lia Ferraro
    Senior Lighting Designer, UK

    Liliya Nicheva
    Lighting Designer, UK

    Luaras is a passionate lighting designer, that works with indoor and outdoor lighting projects at the design office in Copenhagen. He is well structured, always in a good mood and amply combines his knowledge of architectural technology and construction management with his creative lighting design in a holistic way.

    Luaras Morina
    Lighting Designer, M.Sc, DK

    Malene has been a part of many complex projects and several BREEAM In-Use recertification processes. Malene has a good understanding of how architecture and landscape can create safe and functional spaces with the right lighting due to her education in both architecture history and lighting design.

    Malene Helgeland
    Lighting Designer, NO

    Martin is a senior lighting designer that through the years have help both large and smaller companies develop well-planned, unique and award-winning lighting environments. Martin works with passion and likes to create long-lasting and good relationships with his customers.

    Martin Petersson
    Senior lighting designer, SE

    Mathew is the Design and Section Manager based out of the London Office. Working with the project leads/designers, finance and HR teams, Mathew ensures the smooth running of the projects and operations at Light Bureau UK.

    Mathew Hardwick
    Design manager, UK

    Mette is a highly accomplished business leader, well-known for her managerial abilities and proven track record of achieving success in the world of architecture. Her extensive experience in combination with her knowledge from lighting design has earned her with a strong strategic mindset and ability to manage complex business operations.

    Mette Lyng Hansen
    Head of Light Bureau

    Morten has 25+ years of experience working with lighting as a designer and in managerial positions. With his innovative and creative way of thinking, he develops customers' vision into sustainable technical and beautiful solutions that have received recognition in several national and international lighting awards.

    Morten Jensen
    Country manager NO, Senior Lighting Designer

    Øystein is Team Leader at Light Bureau in Oslo and has over 20 years of experience in the management and operation of municipal and state road lighting. He has extensive experience in new and effective road light systems. He is also co-developer of Powel Streetlight and ORIGO Street Light, road light management systems.

    Øystein Johansen
    Team leader, Senior Lighting Engineer, NO

    Since joining our London office, Paloma has focussed her passion for architecture into the field of lighting design. She has astute design flare and works brilliantly within a design team bringing immense architecture and design understanding to the creative process.

    Paloma Plumed Martin
    Associate Lighting designer, UK

    Paul founded UK based Light Bureau in 1999 which became part of AFRY in 2017. Paul is an internationally recognized lighting designer with a track record in diverse applications from heritage to headquarters buildings. Knowledge-sharing takes equal priority, in particular his lecturing on the Wismar Master’s degree course.

    Paul Traynor
    International business development and Country Manager, UK

    With more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Petter has gained extensive experience in interdisciplinary coordination, project management and participation in lighting design projects. Petter is therefore a sought-after resource for both public and private construction projects.

    Petter Kvamsdal
    Group manager, Senior project manager, NO

    Philip Jelvard
    Lighting designer, DK

    Rodrigo Pencheff
    Lighting Engineer, SE

    Rolands is a highly efficient and structured designer with an in-depth knowledge of construction processes and proficiency at developing technical information and lighting details due to his prior education and work experience in architectural technology and construction management.

    Rolands Popenkovs
    Associate, UK

    I believe in a visual and transparent design process in close cooperation with the customer. I do visualizations in every project phase – from early sketch to immersive environments. I work to integrate scientific results in our workflow as designers, to ensure the lowest possible impact on the environment.

    Rune Brandt Hermansson
    Senior Designer and Visualizer, DK

    Silje has been planning indoor and outdoor lighting and electrical installations since 2002. She has a master's degree in electrical engineering from the university in Trondheim. Silje has worked on varied projects - from lighting the Nidaros cathedral to roads, tunnels, office buildings and schools.

    Silje Årseth
    Senior Lighting Engineer, NO

    With over 25 years of experience from working with lighting, Sivert adds knowledge within a broad range of fields to our team of engineers. He has been in charge of all aspects of the lighting on countless productions in museums, theatre and concerts, and is specialized in control systems for architectural lighting.

    Sivert Lundstrøm
    Electrical Control System Engineer, NO

    Sondre has long experience in managing building automation, from sales to programming and delivery. He has worked with automation and 3D modeling in large tunnel projects and lighting planning for road projects. He is a super user of Novapoint and develops BIM workflows and street lighting management system for ArcGIS.

    Sondre Øien
    Electrical and Lighting Engineer, NO

    With many years of experience as an electrician and telecommunications engineer, Stian adds great knowledge to our team within the field of network, automation and lighting control systems. As programming and dynamic effects is a key factor in several projects, Stians role in making this work seamlessly, is crucial.

    Stian Sundseth
    Electrical Control System Engineer

    Stine is specialised in lighting for retail and hospitality. Her background in Visual Merchandising is strengthening her power of exposition and execution in these projects. While doing dedicated work, Stine also brings an encouraging energy in to our offices, creating a good atmosphere for her colleagues.

    Stine Kaalstad
    Senior Lighting Designer, NO

    Thim Andersen
    Lighting Engineer, DK

    Tuva Jones
    Lighting Designer

    Valeria is starting her professional career in lighting as a project intern at Light Bureau, she has a background in product and interior design and is currently completing a M.A. program in ALD at the Hochschule Wismar in Germany. She’s enthusiastic about learning and growing along with the Light Bureau team.

    Valeria Ibarra
    Design Intern, UK

    Wiggo has worked in the field of lighting for 10 years - and is a graduate of Lighting Designer BA at USN. In addition to his interest in lighting, he also has extensive experience from other design disciplines, as he holds a BA in Art & Design from USN. He has a great passion and dedication for his profession.

    Wiggo Pedersen Evensen
    Team Leader, Senior Lighting Designer, NO

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