Our Expertise.

Together we design livable environments.

Whatever the scale or complexity of a project, we offer a complete palette of lighting design, engineering and advisory services in close collaboration with our clients and stakeholders.

Area of Expertise
Architectural Lighting.
Architectural lighting plays a significant role in creating coherent spatial experiences, making the architecture visible and enhancing identity whilst also improving wayfinding and creating safer pub...
Daylight is an important aspect that is not just essential for a sustainable design but also irreplaceable in terms of wellbeing, comfort, and productivity.
Lighting plays a critical role in sustainable design. It is not only crucial for creating a suitable visual environment but also has a significant impact on operational energy efficiency, life cycle a...
Sustainability · Environmental.
Lighting is more than energy efficient light sources and a tool to ensure safety and compliance with technical standards. It directly influences the environment, economy, and our well-being.
Product Design.
Contributing to better indoor and outdoor environments and the needs of people’s everyday lives are always our top priority when choosing or designing new luminaires.
Digitalisation · Controls.
Illumination with several different functions requires forward planning to ensure sustainable solutions adapted to the users’ needs and expectations.
A well-balanced combination of daylight and electric lighting enhances unique architectural features of heritage sites and expresses their cultural, historic, and visual importance.
Events · Exhibitions · Art.
Lighting changes the ambiance of any space. It sets the tone for an exhibition; it is the narrator of the story. Public spaces can be transformed into destinations in an instant through lighting event...
Landscape Lighting.
Landscape lighting offers a transforming element of space and must ensure security and the feeling of safety. Through well-designed urban lighting we create attractive and inclusive spaces where peopl...
Understanding new technology, procurement laws, and constant changes in the market conditions can help municipalities save millions in their provision of public lighting.
Optimising existing solutions.
Energy renovation of luminaires and lighting systems can effectively contribute to the CO2 reduction and is a cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency and profitability.
Lighting Masterplan.
Well-designed masterplans are crucial for energy optimisation, branding cities, minimising environmental impacts, enhancing human wellbeing, and designing safer cities.
Branding through Light.
Lighting is a powerful tool to communicate messages between the built environment and people. Well-lit buildings can become landmarks with expressed identities and messages, which both represents a co...

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