Our Bureau.

Inspiring light.

For more than 25 years, we have designed original and sustainable lighting projects by using light and darkness to enhance the visual environment, many of which have received international recognition.

Light Bureau is an independent full-service lighting design practice with a team of multi-disciplinary lighting experts. We operate globally and work closely with our customers, who are established in both private and public sectors, to realise their ambitions and unlock the potential in every project.


Innovation and attention to details is at the core of our design process. We are involved from early concept development all the way through the different design stages to final delivery and quality control. We balance imagination with realism and passion with pragmatism. With an aim of accelerating the transition towards a sustainable society, we constantly challenge traditional lighting methods and adapt to new technologies as they emerge. We believe in making true value regardless of the size or the location of the project. Light Bureau is a proud part of AFRY – a European leader in engineering, design, and advisory services, with a global reach.

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Our expertise

Our complete palette of lighting services enables us to create unique and optimal lighting environments.

One Vision

Inspiring Light.

Shared Mission

We work with Light to enhance life.

We live by our values.

Our way of working is Original, Responsible and Rigorous.

We look for the differences between projects to determine the individual character of the scheme; it’s what elevates a good project to a great one. Our projects are recognisable by the emphasis we place on the things that matter.
By lighting the things that matter and curating our designs, our projects are inherently efficient. Equipment is sourced carefully, considering the whole-life impact. We always optimise natural light and regard controls integration as essential for user experience whilst avoiding wasted energy and light pollution.
We deliver on the promises made at the concept stage through attention to detail. We use benchmark applications to validate our daylight and lighting designs and we pragmatically test everything to prove concept. We communicate clearly and our documentation is meticulous and unambiguous, so avoiding costly mistakes.

And we do it as Brave, Devoted, Team players.

We think big and encourage entrepreneurship to increase value. Challenging each other and making bold decisions, always taking a stand for what we believe in.
We have a unique mix of competences and we are all passionate within our field. Sharing our expertise and insights to make a difference, we are driven by our curiosity to grow and learn more.
Team players
We share ideas and collaborate across borders to seize new opportunities. Challenging, supporting and bringing out the best in each other, we believe in the power of differences.


We are very proud of what we do and humble by the recognition and attention we have received over the years.

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