Hilde Rosenberg Bülow

With 15 years of experience in market communication, Hilde specializes in strategic messaging. Currently filling in for a maternity leave at Light Bureau with focus on fostering meaningful engagement and shaping impactful narratives.

Fredrik Hellberg

Fredrik Hellberg

Fredrik is an experienced architect and business leader with a deep knowledge in sales and understanding client needs. He has previous management experience from architect firm Koncept, part of AFRY, leading big projects and creating value through good design.

Rolands Popenkovs

Rolands is a highly efficient and structured designer with an in-depth knowledge of construction processes and proficiency at developing technical information and lighting details due to his prior education and work experience in architectural technology and construction management.

Paul Traynor

Paul founded UK based Light Bureau in 1999 which became part of AFRY in 2017. Paul is an internationally recognized lighting designer with a track record in diverse applications from heritage to headquarters buildings. Knowledge-sharing takes equal priority, in particular his lecturing on the Wismar Master’s degree course.

Paloma Plumed Martin

Since joining our London office, Paloma has focussed her passion for architecture into the field of lighting design. She has astute design flare and works brilliantly within a design team bringing immense architecture and design understanding to the creative process.

Mathew Hardwick

Mathew is the Design and Section Manager based out of the London Office. Working with the project leads/designers, finance and HR teams, Mathew ensures the smooth running of the projects and operations at Light Bureau UK.

Arve Olsen

Arve has played a key role in Light Bureau’s projects internationally since he joined the team in 2009. He uses light exceptionally well as a medium of expression and a tool to tell the story of a structure. Arve is actively involved in projects, marketing and the strategic development of the company.

Tobias Olsson

Tobias is a senior lighting designer with the roots in product design engineering. Tobias blends his work as a Section manager and team leader with project management assignments for masterplanning, lighting design and product design. Many of his projects have been awarded and commended internationally.

Kai Piippo

Kai has 30+ years of experience working with lighting design all over the world. He is a much-appreciated lecturer worldwide and works closely with, among others, KTH in Stockholm to improve education in lighting. Kai’s main passion is to use light as a tool to improve the quality of life!

Fanny Englund

Fanny Englund

Fanny is a devoted lighting designer who aims to create spaces where people thrive. With her wide knowledge and perceptive way of working she takes on many types of projects, including architectural lighting, master plans, light art and product development.