Bespoke fixture designed for the municipality of Eslöv.

Eslövlyktan is a bespoke fixture designed for the municipality of Eslöv in cooperation with landscape architects Sydvest and manufacturer Atelje Lyktan. The fixture is designed to complement the textures and colours of central Eslöv by day, and the lighting design by night, as part of a coherent new identity for the town.

Client : Eslöv Kommun

Partner : Sydväst arkitektur och Landskap

Landscape Architect : Sydvest landscape

Photographer : Atelje Lyktan

Completion year : 2021

Awards : Swedish Landscape Architecture Award, 2021

The Process

As part of an overall plan to renovate the town centre in Eslöv, Light Bureau undertook the task of designing a new bespoke fixture. The brief from the municipality was to make a lamp that would fit the cosy southern Swedish town with relatively low buildings and paving in yellow bricks. Furthermore, the design should be part of the new city plan laid out but landscape architects Sydvest and the lighting design proposition from Light Bureau.

The design was decided upon through a series of iterations with the municipality of Eslöv and landscape architects Sydvest. The design is simple and organic with a faceted bell shape that was chosen for its friendly and homely appearance and its subtle floral references. A pattern of holes that diminish in size towards the top of the fixture are almost invisible by day, but at night they catch the light from the glowing orb inside the fixture and make it appear lightweight and guiding. The colour is a dusty champagne that reference the multiple yellow nuances in the bricks used in the surrounding buildings and as pavement.

Atelje Lyktan was chosen as partner on prototyping and production because of their proven track record with making small patch bespoke fixtures. The fixture is in effect an existing Atelje Lyktan “Halo” engine, fitted with the custom designed shade. Design and shaping suggestions were evaluated with the engineers at Atelje Lyktan and a protype was produced and tested for both shape, perforations, lighting quality and the secondary lighting effect of the glowing inner orb. The fixture has both a light source that is directed downwards and an upper diffusely glowing orb.

The two light sources have different lighting controls, and the orb has an RGB-light source. The orb light is normally of a deep yellow or orange colour, to support the colour of the fixture itself, but lighting scenarios have been created for special occasions, such as Christmas or Easter. The fixture is an integrated part of the “Stora torg i Eslöv” landscape project that won the Swedish landscape architecture award in 2021.


Rune Brandt Hermansson

Senior Designer and Visualizer, DK