Frederikssund Motorway.

Frederikssund Motorway.

Functional lighting improves flow of traffic and increases safety.

A complex road layout and environmentally sensitive surroundings constituted challenges when planning the lighting of the new Frederikssund Motorway. But the end result was improved flow of traffic and increased safety.

Client : Vejdirektoratet

Photographer : Martin Nordmark

Completion year : 2011

Light Bureau has planned the lighting, including functional lighting for 4.6 km of road with several underpasses, directions signs and a footbridge. The choice of lighting solution ensures safety as well as an improved sense of security, and adds a discreet and subtle identity to the new motorway, contributing to its incorporation into the landscape. In addition, Light Bureau has planned the street lighting for adjoining streets and traffic lights, and developed a luminaire to be used on adjacent pedestrian bridges.

A complex project

The project involved surmounting a range of challenges. The road layout is complex, with many and varying entrances and exits, underpasses and half tunnels. The lighting for adjoining roads needed to tie in with the motorway lighting in terms of visual design as well as technically. Considerations for local wildlife and the natural landscape posed many particular demands, such as strict limits to the height of lighting poles and fittings, adding to the challenge of minimizing costs and energy consumption.

Light Bureau has developed similar plans for several other stretches of motorway in Denmark, for instance on the Motorring 3 and the Køge Bugt Motorway.

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