iMelt – Darc Awards 2019.

Collaborator : Luce & Light

Photographer : GavriiLux – Gavriil Papadiotis

Completion year : 2019

iMelt is a lighting installation that evokes feelings of wintertime by creating an icy hideaway that invites people to come together, to enjoy and interact with the structure. Our minimalist installation consists of 14 layers of soft, white, translucent fabric; a material which represents Christmas wrapping paper and resembles snow. Every row of iMelt has been cut by hand to create the impression of an igloo shape in the central negative space, creating a place for friendly gathering and warmth. The fabric is suspended from delicate but sturdy steel framework neatly concealing all wiring and lighting control equipment.

While designing iMelt we wanted to create an installation that could be appreciated from multiple perspectives. When you are walking around the outside of the installation, the igloo shape will be revealed. In contrast, when you are inside, we wanted to provide an opportunity to touch the fabric, and appreciate the internal geometry and light patterns from a closer point of view, and allow visitors to play with the light.

Viewers are encouraged to enter inside through the ‘tunnel’ and experience how the lighting interacts with the material, which beautifully captures the light. An ethereal glow from the subtly swaying fabric creates gentle patterns of light and shadow on the floor and your body. The lighting scenes imitate winter light filtering through an ice-cave: waves of light pass over the fabric creating depth and defining the individual layers of the space. Meanwhile the colour temperature transitions between warm-and-cosy amber light, and icy-cold blue, playing with how the space feels and is perceived.


Arve Olsen

Design Director, UK