March. 17 2023

Stiftelsen Tryggare Sverige, Light Bureau and Solna Municipality collaborate to create a crime prevention model with smart lighting.

Lighting has a proven positive effect on safety and can help reduce crime. At the same time, the increased electricity prices have meant that many municipalities are planning to turn off outdoor and street lighting to reduce costs. The negative effects it can have on society, both in terms of citizens’ exposure to crime and insecurity, can be enormous.

There is a great need to review how lighting-oriented safety can be used in a secure and climate-smart way. Funded by the strategic innovation program IoT Sweden, Stiftelsen Tryggare Sverige, Light Bureau and Solna Municipality will develop a crime prevention model with smart lighting. Developments in technology means that savings on electricity do not have to come at the expense of citizens’ safety and security.

– We are very happy to be one of the projects awarded funds from IoT Sweden. Our project aims to increase knowledge of how a municipality can work with smart lighting to increase safety and security in the public environment in a climate-smart and equal way, says criminologist Marika Haug (Stiftelsen Tryggare Sweden).

The goal of the project is to develop a model that shows how smart lighting can be planned, managed, and maintained by a municipality. The result will be freely available to enable greater dissemination and increased knowledge of the benefits of smart lighting.

– A challenge when it comes to the technical systems is that they can be perceived as complex and difficult for the users. The project should therefore contribute to reducing the gap for starting to use smart lighting units within a municipality, says Senior Lighting Designer and Engineer Sandra Edberg (Light Bureau).

– When it comes to smart devices, a municipal challenge is often about getting the initiation to take place in a sustainable way. We want to contribute with increased knowledge of which technical systems exist and which organizational skills are required, says lighting engineer Marika Andersson (Solna Municipality).

The project puts the user and the organization in focus and the result will be finally reported in the spring of 2024.


Joakim Rydén

Lighting Designer & Engineer, SE