Branding through Light.

Branding through Light.

Lighting can build and support brands from retail environments to facades, structures, headquarters, and office spaces.

Lighting is a powerful tool to communicate messages between the built environment and people. Well-lit buildings can become landmarks with expressed identities and messages, which both represents a company and underscores the identity of a brand.

Communicating messages with lighting

Authentic and thought-through lighting concepts have a common thread from a striking façade to the interior design and clearly incorporates the essence of a specific brand. It creates shared luminous experiences, which extends into the virtual world and enables comprehensive brand communication – both by the company and the audience passing by.

Using light to enhance merchandise as well as making social media-friendly commercial environments have become a competitive advantage, as it extends the reach and strengthen the image of the brand.

Well-designed and authentic lighting can help define your brand and reflect your ambition as a company.

Our services

  • Lighting design
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Concept development
  • Controls and programming
  • Flexible and dynamic lighting
  • Communication and community involvement
  • Customer journey
  • Light as a social medium

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