Architectural Lighting.

Architectural Lighting.

When art meets technology.

Architectural lighting plays a significant role in creating coherent spatial experiences, making the architecture visible and enhancing identity whilst also improving wayfinding and creating safer public spaces and new landmarks in the local environment.

Why is architectural lighting important?

Our design approach

Architectural lighting differentiates how a room or space is viewed and it should be considered as a primary constituent of the architecture. It is crucial to consider both natural and electric light, and how they illuminate colours, surfaces, and material. Designed well, lighting allows people to notice and value their environment and lend a feeling of importance to the structure or space.

The combination of historic and contemporary buildings influences the character and distinctiveness of a place. We develop lighting design solutions that enhance important buildings and improve experiences by emphasizing architectural and hierarchical elements. Through means of light, we can provide intimacy in a large space or enhance artistic décor and spatial features.

We work closely with our clients and project partners – from private developers to governmental and municipal authorities, offering a broad range of creative and technical experience. Our design approach embodies four overall elements of lighting; human needs, aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency, all of which greatly affects our ability to live, work, and play.

We follow and support the architect’s or interior designer’s spatial objectives without making lighting the dominant feature. Our approach and technical solutions are inherently sustainable, supporting the design and the usage of lighting and resources, to save energy and minimize light pollution.

Architectural lighting is important for accessibility and how we use the city or a room. But it can also be a poetic way of emphasizing the architecture and creating new experiences.

Kai Piippo, Head of Design

Our services

  • Strategy / Concept development
  • Artwork & presentation including animated
  • Lighting design and planning
  • Construction support
  • Renovation strategies
  • Lighting control and programming
  • Daylight Design
  • Engineering
  • Calculation and modelling
  • Cost estimation
  • Product design
  • Brand identity
  • Historic and Cultural preservation
  • Design for reuse

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