Designing healthy, liveable, and sustainable spaces where people can dwell and grow.

Daylight is an important aspect that is not just essential for a sustainable design but also irreplaceable in terms of wellbeing, comfort, and productivity.

Incorporating daylight early in the energy and sustainability strategy – be it for a city or a building – offers incredible potential by adding substantial value in terms of comfort, health, energy, and economy.

Daylight is a healthy and freely available source of light, essential in the human diurnal cycle. But quality is location-dependent and seasonally affected – making sufficient access to daylight vital yet challenging for all developments. A building’s location, density, shape, and volume influence the availability of daylight which in turn affects energy consumption, sustainability, and more importantly living quality and health.

Daylight analysis can be used to understand the living quality of the development and support electric lighting design. With daylight design we can ensure desirable exterior and interior spaces that comply with regulations and sustainability targets and meet our client’s sustainability goals.

Our services

  • Daylight Evaluation & Validation – Calculations. Simulations.
  • Climate based daylight modelling for LEED, WELL, DGNB, BREEAM certification and evaluation Net-Zero building design.
  • Daylight/ Façade Design – Fenestration & Shading Design
  • Site Planning and Massing
  • Overshadowing
  • Urban and Masterplanning: Daylight access, Right to Light
  • Radiation & Solar analysis
  • Sunlight hours analysis

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