Optimising existing solutions.

Optimising existing solutions.

Energy renovation of luminaires and lighting systems can effectively contribute to the CO2 reduction and is a cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency and profitability.

Lighting systems based on older conventional light sources often have unnecessary high energy consumption compared to newer lighting system. The transition from conventional light sources to LED-based light sources often leads to a reduction of the energy consumption. One of the challenges with older lighting system is that parts might no longer be available, and they tend to be expensive to maintain. As this often cover large areas, there is also a correspondingly large gain when choosing a more energy-efficient source of lighting. Optimising the source of lighting has the positive effect that the longevity is high which reduce the maintenance frequency and thus additionally lower the costs. In the near future the lighting systems will have the feature to change the colour of the light, which can contribute to ensure biodiversity along roads and streets that have lighting.

Renovation of outdated lighting systems enable savings on energy and maintenance.

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