Lighting Masterplan.

Lighting Masterplan.

Improving the way cities and urban areas function at night.

Well-designed masterplans are crucial for energy optimisation, branding cities, minimising environmental impacts, enhancing human wellbeing, and designing safer cities.

Designing safer cities through well-lit urban spaces

We draw on our extensive knowledge of light, close collaboration with our clients and stakeholders, and thorough analysis of the urban environment to develop usable lighting masterplans and strategies. Working with private developers, as well as governmental and municipal authorities, we develop strategies and plans which define the goals for future lighting solutions. In addition, we provide practical tools that help our clients manage existing and future lighting installations.

Proper night-time illumination is a complex task and requires close dialogue with our clients followed by a thorough analysis of the infrastructure, public spaces, architectural features, usage, and identity of the area. We consider the organisation and resources of our clients to develop usable guidelines and proposals that enables long term optimization of the total cost of ownership.

Our lighting strategies bring coherence and structure to the visual environment. We boost the attractiveness of areas and buildings by incorporating conceptual storytelling and new layers of experience. In addition, we help urban planners develop healthier cities through control systems and sophisticated analysis of daylight conditions.

Lighting illuminates, supplement and extends our experiences in the built environment.

Our services

  • Artistic Illumination
  • Smart lighting
  • Optimisation of operation and maintenance procedures
  • Concept development
  • Urban lighting design
  • Strategic analysis
  • Lighting surveys
  • Lighting visualizations
  • Participatory Design

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