Digitalisation · Controls.

Digitalisation · Controls.

Advanced flexible lighting systems and control services can improve the user experience, energy efficiency, and reduce costs.

Illumination with several different functions requires forward planning to ensure sustainable solutions adapted to the users’ needs and expectations.

A good lighting system seamlessly adapts to a space and enhances usability and comfort.

Advanced detection and controlling ensures maximum efficiency and sustainability without compromising functionality or visual quality. Our designers and engineers work with you to carefully integrate dynamic displays that fit your needs, starting with the conceptual approach to assist in refining the technical specifications.

We develop holistic lighting concepts and well-planned lighting strategies to improve operational efficiency and to create a unique user experience. Our experts deliver integrated controls that can easily be operated by the users and provide our clients with the proper tools to streamline the aesthetic experience, optimize adaptability and ensure energy efficiency. We fully understand the need for ease of operation and maintenance.

Through close collaboration and the right lighting system and controlling we can create a safe and inspiring ambiance with a strong first impression.

Lighting today often needs to be able to communicate with other systems. When we develop and integrate a lighting system at the beginning of a project, we are able to accomplish significant energy savings.

Benjamin Reinhoff, Electrical Control System Engineer

Our services

  • Lighting design and planning
  • Concept development
  • Technical light calculations
  • Detailed design and project delivery
  • Lighting control and programming
  • Maintenance and Operations
  • Lighting controls system analysis
  • Environmental integration
  • Smart city application
  • Specification
  • Temporary and permanent installations

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