Landscape Lighting.

Landscape lighting.

The art of outdoor illumination.

Landscape lighting offers a transforming element of space and must ensure security and the feeling of safety. Through well-designed urban lighting we create attractive and inclusive spaces where people thrive.

A well-designed lighting scheme combined with a technical engineering solution can create inviting spaces where people can feel safe.

Lighting designed in harmony with the landscape

By combining state-of-the-art technology with a holistic design and sustainability approach, we create spaces, atmosphere, landmarks, and identity that complements the landscape and architecture. This means addressing social, economical, and environmental aspects to ensure that our projects add most value for the users with minimal impact on the environment, while being cost- and energy efficient.

In close cooperation with the architects, artists, governments, municipalities, and contractors, we develop places where human perception and experience is key, and where daily life is improved through lighting design. Understanding and analysis of the specific needs and a city’s diverse patterns of use at all hours of the day enables us to design sustainable, attractive, and inclusive urban lighting. For the user this means our design creates a space that is appealing and legible with a very strong sense of purpose and in harmony with the landscape. For the client it means a design which adds value to their project, and is affordable, manageable, and efficient.

A well-planned outdoor lighting design can make our surroundings inviting and offer new layers of experience. We always strive to create a perfect balance between function, aesthetics, and sustainability within a given economical frame.

Through lighting controls and carefully selected luminaires – at times custom-made, we ensure highly efficient lighting solutions with a good balance between our and nature’s needs.

Our outdoor lighting projects are grounded in many years of experience and the combined knowledge of our multidisciplinary team. This enables us to design practical and long-lasting lighting solutions, which are based on original ideas formed by the local context.


Our services

  • Lighting design
  • Master planning and lighting strategies
  • Conceptual development
  • Detailed design and project planning
  • Tender process
  • Inspection
  • Communication and community involvement

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