November. 17 2022

Norwegian Lighting Award 2022

Light Bureau wins the Norwegian Lighting Award for the design at Espenes Rest Stop.


Last night Light Bureau’s team in Norway took home the Norwegian Lighting Design Award 2022 for the subtle lighting at Espenes – a rest stop along the Norwegian Scenic Routes, with the following statement by the jury:

“With this project, we find a lighting that enhances the architectural expression and becomes the connection between the sculptural architecture and the use. The lighting works with the building to create a destination that does not drown out the surroundings, but rather clarifies the connection between architecture and landscape.”

Read the full press release here

“We are all really proud of Espenes Rest Stop and the dedication and craftmanship that has gone into the project. It has been a pleasure to work with everyone involved in the project from start to finish, so this was a glorious end to the project for us “

says Design Director Arve Olsen, who received the award on behalf of the team during Lysets Dag in Oslo.


Arve Olsen

Design Director, UK