Lighting plays a significant role in creating an enchanting ambience at Dreamland Amusement Park

Dreamland is Kent’s answer to Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens. First established in the 1920’s, a beautiful art-deco building with a ballroom was built on the seafront, the gardens were designed for visitors to walk around and included feature lighting for night-time amenity and spectacle.

Client : Duff & Phelps

Architect : D-Raw

Landscape Architect : AECOM

Photographer : Light Bureau

Completion year : 2017

The recent improvement works have been substantial. A major effort has been made to restore the glory of the park, to re-establish green spaces and to introduce live performance venues, food courts and VIP spaces for rental to groups and parties. The aim to introduce a night-time use has been realised, so lighting has been a key component in the improvement works.

Light Bureau worked with colour and dynamism. As a nod to the original pleasure gardens, cabochon decorative lenses usually used on fairground rides are placed on bespoke spike mounted rods to light the soft landscape and aid way-finding. Festoon lighting completes the recreational look of the park.


Paul Traynor

International business development and Country Manager, UK