Thames Tow

Thames Tower.

Thames Tower.

A 15 storey contemporary workspace in Reading town center welcomes a vibrant community of modern businesses.

Situated directly opposite Reading station, Thames Tower could not be in a more prominent location. A refurbishment project, the building has been re-clad and extended by 2 floors with a terrace. At 14 stories, the building has great views.

Client : Landid Brockton

Architect : dn-a

Interior Design : Ros Jones

Photographer : Jack Hobhouse

Completion Year : 2017

Externally, Light Bureau enhanced the top of the building, illuminating in subtle white light the double height window slots to create a corona and finish the tower at night. The double height colonnade at the base of the building incorporates combined functional and feature lighting to the structure for orientation and amenity purposes.

Internally, the double height semi-industrial looking reception space is dominated by slatted timber screen extending vertically and across the soffits, which are lit by concealed warm white light. At night, the reception glows like a lantern and draws people to the building. An oriel window is lit with amber light to reinforce the building’s identity and local lighting is incorporated into bespoke reception and concierge desks. Elsewhere, simple projectors and surface directional lights complete the lighting, providing focus and accent.


Rolands Popenkovs

Associate, UK

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