The Fantas

The Fantastic Tree.

The Fantastic Tree.

Photosynthesis begins with light – therefore, the exhibition lighting plays a crucial role in communicating the biological processes within the tree and bringing the exhibition to life.

The main topic of this permanent exhibition at the Norwegian Forest Museum is the process of photosynthesis and the life of a single tree. The aim is to give visitors an understanding of what photosynthesis is and how it works so that carbon fixation, the carbon cycle, and subsequently, the positive impact a forest has on the environment can be appreciated.

Client : Norsk Skogmuseum

Exhibition Architect : Pivot

Exhibition Designer : Ole Martin Lislevand

Graphic Design : Commando Group

Interaction Designer : Nick Stevens

Lighting Controls Specialist : Fluidic Lighting

Metalwork : Ivar Bråthen Mekaniske

Sculptor : Kevin Iris, Frode Stenberg AS

Video : Light Bureau

Completion year : 2016

The main feature within the space is an 8-meter tall tree with flowers that open and close, leafs that move and light that illustrate the changing colour of the leaves through the different seasons. The flow of sugar and water through the roots and stem is shown by concealed light sources that pulses light up and down through the tree. The seasonal changes of the tree are reflected in the colour temperature and intensity of light in the surrounding root structure.

A large size section through a leaf is built out of multiple layers of edge-lit polycarbonate in order to explain the microscopic elements within the leaf, such as the chloroplast that makes leaves appear green and the vascular bundles that distribute water and sugar through the leaf. The leaf section can be experienced by walking up a stair through the section that leads to the mezzanine level of the exhibition or interacted with from a touch screen on the root structure below.


Arve Olsen

Design Director, UK