Viking Glo

Viking Glory.

Viking Glory.

Travelling between Stockholm, Sweden and Turku, Finland can be a world-class design experience with Viking Line’s cruise ship. In harmony with the stylish interior our lighting concept is bold, rigorous, and sparkling in every detail.

Client : Viking Line Skandinavien

Interior design : Koncept

Photographer : Viking Line, Tuukka Ervasti and Sami Pitkänen

Completion year : 2022

Award : Shippax Ro-Pax interior Design Award 2022

The wow factor is constant at Viking Line’s new ship Viking Glory

This cruise is a climate-smart passenger ship, which houses restaurants, a spa, shopping areas, conference-rooms, and a nightclub. The stylish interiors are designed by our colleagues at Koncept with focus on the full-height panoramic windows and the sea is ever-present. We designed the lighting for all public areas and suites in close collaboration with Koncept, who had very strong visions for each area. The challenge was to translate their visons into functional and realistic lighting solutions and still reach the wow factor.


We aimed to elevate the atmosphere with different light characteristics, e.g., indirect lighting, graze lighting, open light sources etc., which meant adapting selected interior details to make the lighting principles work. We also took part in the design of the fixed carpentry to ensure that these worked well together with the lighting, e.g., the ceiling construction, wall panels, the base of the fixed furniture, stair railings, bars, etc.

The result is a cost-efficient lighting solution with varied scenarios and well-balanced light levels in tune with the surroundings and different functions of each area.

Viking Glory was recently awarded with Shippax Ro-Pax interior Design Award for creating a new travel experience through a design inspired by both the sea and the culture of the Nordic countries.

Get on board and enjoy the view.


“Designing for a facility that is actually moving during operation is not an everyday job for a lighting designer. But anything can be done with dedication and experience, and we made sure all fixtures were carefully chosen to withstand heavy vibrations and various weather conditions.”

Mia Lif, Senior Lighting Designer


Mia Lif

Lighting designer, Member of Svensk Ljusdesigner LD, SE