Eslöv Sto

Eslöv Stora Torg.

Eslöv Stora Torg.

Stora torg is one of Eslöv’s most important public spaces - the heart and the natural hub of the city center.

The lighting is designed to aid function and safety, while aesthetic elements add character to the square and the streets around.

Client : Eslöv Kommun

Landscape Architect : Sydväst arkitektur och Landskap

Lighting Supplier : Ateljé, Fox Belysning AB

Photographer : Werner Nystrand, Fox belysning & Atelje Lyktan

Completion year : 2021

Awards : Swedish Landscape Architecture Award, 2021

Art installation “Omväg” by artist Liva Isakson Lundin.

The location and the surrounding streets thus play a key role in the continued development work in the city center. In addition to the design of new lighting on the square, the Stora torg project included lighting of pedestrian streets adjacent to the square and surrounding streets. For the project, Light Bureau designed and developed a unique lantern, Eslövlyktan, which has become a hallmark of the city center and Eslöv.

The square has a variety of places with the possibility of stay and activity. There are also several walkways and opportunities for people to move. The new lantern surrounds the square and adorns the pedestrian streets between the square and the train station. The screens of the lanterns can change color in the dark and a variety of fine-tuned scenarios have been programmed that light up at different times during the year. The municipality can also easily choose the scenario for special events.

Both lighting design and the expression of equipment in daylight have influenced the landscape design and vice versa. Color scheme and style give a nice whole that gives the center a new identity. The luminaire outer screens on the new lanterns have a golden color that has been taken up in details such as railings and on a bridge over the square’s water element. The yellow warm coating together with a warm white lighting gives a pleasant square and inviting pedestrian streets.


On the streets in the city center, both cars, pedestrians and cyclists need to coexist. The project has created good conditions especially for pedestrians and cyclists. Safety and security have been important keywords in the project as well as to create attractive rooms and paths for many different people. The lighting consists of consistently robust equipment that is easy for a small municipality to maintain.

Light Bureau has been responsible for everything from proposals, design, detailed engineering and tender documents to supervision during the construction period, programming of lighting scenarios and final adjustment of lighting on site in the dark.

The area is beautifully lit with custom-made lanterns, designed by Light Bureau and Ateljé Lyktan


Frida Nordmark

Senior Lighting Architect, DK