Lighting of historic and heritage sites and buildings.

A well-balanced combination of daylight and electric lighting enhances unique architectural features of heritage sites and expresses their cultural, historic, and visual importance.

Well-designed lighting enhances the symbolic, historic, and aesthetic values of a space or place.

Light enhances monuments’ nocturnal appearance

Lighting for historic buildings

Light is significant for enhancing the way we perceive our surroundings. It can tell a story, enhance the local identity, and help promote the importance of heritage and historic buildings. By reinforcing interesting patterns and surfaces through light we improve the night-time appreciation of a space’s features. For this type of illumination, it is crucial to be sensitive to historical facilities and it requires special attention to preserving sensitive architecture. At the same time, we strive to achieve a balance between the quality of the lit environment and the level of energy use during the life of the installation.

When designing lighting for historic buildings, we apply contemporary lighting techniques with respect for the past, the space and the local environment. The application of external lighting can enhance monuments’ nocturnal appearance and offer the opportunity for communities to showcase their landmarks, heritage and improve public places.

Through storytelling and architectural enhancements, we tell stories of what once was and bring out feelings of a space or place. Our design is based on an understanding of the way people use places in its unique cultural context. We combine creativity with technical expertise to create sympathetic solutions that enhance and preserve our cultural heritage.

We take pride in helping private developers and municipalities to help promote the importance of heritage buildings and historic national icons. Our lighting solutions carefully highlight and accentuate the texture, color and shape of a space or place while protecting and preserving it – from listed buildings to historic artefacts and sculptures.

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