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Tell your story with light

Lighting changes the ambiance of any space. It sets the tone for an exhibition; it is the narrator of the story. Public spaces can be transformed into destinations in an instant through lighting events, sometimes by revealing the beauty that was already there – other times by becoming the centre of attention.


From temporary installations, community engagement projects and artistic interventions – light is an intangible medium that can transform a space into something extraordinary in an instant. Our projects range in scale and intent, but our approach always has a clear purpose that is tailored to the place and the people that experience it. We work with municipalities on transformation projects and arrange lighting events with the local community to allow residents to see the potential that good lighting can unlock within their own neighbourhood. We collaborate with architects on temporary structures where lighting is part of the expression or with private clients on illuminating landmark buildings as a beacon for a charitable cause or significant event.

Exhibitions and Art

Our team of designers is highly diverse encompassing specialisms within art history, theatre lighting, lighting controls design and daylight design. This makes us uniquely adept to work on anything from the hands-on focusing and fine tuning that happens on-site, the programming of interactive lighting experiences, the design of lighting ambiances that sets the mood within the exhibition and provide strategic consultation for museums on the implementation of daylight, artificial light and lighting controls systems within their new or existing buildings.

We partner with exhibition designers and deliver full-service, turnkey lighting projects with meticulous attention to detail that work seamlessly with the exhibition design. Our background from architectural lighting design means that we always consider the experience of the exhibition space as well as the objects on display.

We believe in developing long term relationships with museums to provide on-going specialist, unbiased advice to help with on-going maintenance issues, purchasing decisions and design support.

Our services

  • Permanent and Temporary Lighting Installations
  • Museum & Exhibition Lighting
  • Community Engagement Workshops
  • Lighting Controls Design
  • Daylight Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Strategic Purchasing Advise
  • Maintenance Support
  • Full-Service Projects
  • Turnkey Solutions

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