Sustainability · Environmental.

Sustainability · Environmental

Lighting in harmony with people and the environment

Lighting is more than energy efficient light sources and a tool to ensure safety and compliance with technical standards. It directly influences the environment, economy, and our well-being.

As lighting consultants, it is our responsibility to understand how light affects our surroundings, and how we can use current technologies to adapt lighting solutions to have the lowest possible negative impact.

We fully understand the need for optimising energy and economy, whilst ensuring usability. But, for lighting to become more sustainable we must also include biodiversity and nature along with the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of people.

With an aim of accelerating the transition towards a sustainable society, we constantly challenge traditional lighting methods and adapt new technologies as they emerge. Contextual analysis and intelligent control systems are necessary to understand and provide the right amount of light, exactly where and when it is needed. With a balanced approach to when, where and how much light we use, we find new solutions to old problems.

We strongly believe that close collaboration with our clients, stakeholders and across disciplines is key in designing sustainably.

There are always compromises between the need for human safety, wayfinding, and the impact on the environment. The important thing is that we analyse and understand the effects light can have on our surroundings and implement these results in our projects to mitigate their negative impact.

Rune Brandt Hermannsson, Designer and Visualizer

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